The Intervention Program For Cervical Cancer Essay

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According to the report of the American Cancer Society, it has been estimated that about 12,990 new cases of cervical cancer are expected to be diagnosed and 4,120 women would die from cervical cancer in the year of 2016. Though, cervical cancer is the most serious outcome of HPV infection, the burden of HPV-associated disease is more than that of invasive cancer. (Kurman, Henson, Herbst, Noller, Schiffman, 1994). Now-a-days, following an abnormal Pap test women are diagnosed with a HPV-associated disease such as Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia 1, 2, or 3, more frequently than invasive cervical cancer. This paper is now going to describe an intervention program for cervical cancer, which was done to examine screening diagnosis and outcomes in a U.S. population. To examine the effectivity of cervical cancer screening, an observational study was done using an eligible sample of 150,052 women, who had 2 years’ continuous health insurance enrollment in the year of 1998. This enrollment helped the researchers to observe the enrollee for an extended period and helped the women with abnormal smear result for continuous follow-ups. At first, women received routine cervical smear test. Routine cervical smear screening is categorized as a woman did not have any evidence of follow-up for previously diagnosed cervical abnormality within previous 9 months. The result of this routine screening was obtained from the data files where results were reported as negative; Atypical Squamous…

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