The Intervention Plan For A Child Protection Agency Essay

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The intervention plan will be created using an eco-systematic approach, which primarily focuses on the three levels that impact Cheryl’s life: micro, meso and macro (Bronfenbrenner, 1979). My role as a social worker in the child protection agency is to prioritise the safety of Jasmine and Kylie, but in order to do so, changes need to be made in their environment which involves their mother Cheryl, which is ultimately why this approach was chosen (Stanley, 2015). To be aware of ‘where the client is at’ and to be engaged during this ongoing process on intervention, I have utilised a strength based focus during this intervention process noting down her strengths as well as concerns for goal planning (Healy, 2014). As a social worker for a child protection agency, I want to work collaboratively with Cheryl especially since the power imbalance is greater within the context of involuntary clients (Manktelow, 2015). However, the formulation of the intervention plan essentially has to align with the agency polices, which has a key focus on Jasmine and Kylie’s wellbeing first. So for this purpose, I will be writing up the intervention plan after I have spoken with Jasmine and Kylie, and then I will propose it to the Leopold family. This way, will incorporate an approach that allows all three members to voice their opinion with what they like and dislike about the interventions, and it can help all build rapport, and for everyone to have a better understanding of each other’s…

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