The Intervention Of Western Societies Essay

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The intervention of western societies can be seen many time throughout history. This is just the case after the second world war. The idea of “saving” other peoples because they don 't have the same ideas is also something that can be seen many times throughout history. The Cold War is a prime example of both these statements. At a time where rebuild was a necessity and influence from other empires was great, the spread of democracy and communism was heavy. Empires like the US and the USSR were two super powers that can be seen influencing other countries because, in their minds, this is what it meant to be more civil and modern. This is also a time where gender roles were changing as well as the idea of manliness was thought to be a necessity when it came to being a nation or an empire. The crumbling of european empires meant the reworking of what it meant to be a man and a woman. At a time where rebuild and influence were at an all time high, the idea of spreading values to “modernize” and “civilize” other nations was very prominent with the US and the USSR. The idea of modernization theory and the civilization mission were used by these two counties during the postwar, and 19th and 20th centuries with an influence in the aspect of gender, for their idea of a better world. The Cold War was a time where the intensity between the United States and Russia was great. Both wanted to spread their values because thats what they thought of as right. Modernization theory is the…

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