The Intersection Of My Multiple Identities Essay

2259 Words Nov 4th, 2016 10 Pages
Introduction Intersectionality allows us to understand situations of oppressions, privilege and of human rights. This allows us to see how the different identities influence our access to opportunities and power in society. This paper explores the intersections of my multiple identities, as a Chilean, middle income, divorced, heterosexual, disabled, immigrant, and professional Latina woman. I provide narratives of my own lived experiences navigating identity intersections, as each level of requires me to perform an identity in different ways. Intersectionality is a relatively new theoretical framework rooted in feminist theory and often used in first-person narrative research (Jones, 2009).
I begin each narrative with a brief overview of what is like to have these identities, I include themes in the form of my personal accounts. I discussed and connected to my own self- exploration. I recognized how I have struggled putting together my own identity at times, and how I have struggled putting together my different and separate identities as each identity brought a different reality and human experience. I also realized the impact my identities had in my life.
Intersectionality was first introduced by Crenshaw (1991); she was credited with coining the term intersectionality in her work on the intersection of black women and gender and race. She used the concept of intersectionality to illustrate that “many of the experiences Black women face are not subsumed within the…

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