The Intersection Of Facebook And Structural Family Therapy Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… “The culture of communication is focusing less on human-to-human connection and more on human-device-human connections (Mendez, Qureshi, Renata, Carenrio, & Hort, 2014).” Social networking websites, such as Facebook, is an excellent example of the increase in digital communication use between people and their loved ones. “Since the site’s launch in 2004, has expanded to over 700 million users (Mendez et al, 2014).”
In relation to structural family therapy, the authors present a case study of a 15 year-old Japanese female who was referred for further treatment by her school’s principle. She immigrated with her family to the United States when she was a baby. She is the elder daughter of a two child-single parent family, she is now being rebellious and argumentative with her authority figures. Her father found that she operated a secret Facebook account that allowed her to chat online with her “boyfriend” who was currently incarcerated. However, the therapist did not seek to remove the daughter’s Facebook account. The therapist’s main goal in allowing the child to keep the social media site was to strengthen the father-daughter subsystem. By keeping and regulating the website, the father is able to reestablish his authority, role within the subsystem, and create healthy boundaries or rules within the holistic family unit. “Creating an intervention in using Facebook was a way that the therapist stopped fighting against the intersection of relationships and technology and used it to help bridge connections within the system (Mendez et al,
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