The Interrelationship Between Human Resource Management, Organisations And Their Environment

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1. Introduction

The purpose of my report is to evaluate the interrelationship between human resource management, organisations and their environment. This report will examine the issue of how human resource teams are unable to function normally and work as a team to get the best possible results. I have chosen ANZ Bank as the organisation. ANZ specialises in understanding customers specific financial needs, the bank has a variety of services such as cash management, lending, investment and specialist services. ANZ bank is a large organisation in New Zealand and Australia with many branches throughout both of these countries. The trend identified in the news article is about how to build the perfect human resource team. This trend will affect the employees of ANZ especially in the human resource department as it focuses on how to collaborate the ideal team members of a human resource team. This is so that each team member can reach their full potential when working with one another. This is a positive impact for ANZ employees and management as it will lead to more efficient ways of working and in the future the hr team will run smoothly as they will have the ideal employees for the job.

2. Internal trend impact

The trend of finding the ideal members for an human resource team is a short term problem as it shouldn 't take long to figure out which employees are best at working in this type of situation. The trend is internal to ANZ as it needs to be resolved with the…

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