Essay on The Interpretation Of John 15

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Introduction This paper will discuss the interpretation of John 15:2. In this chapter, Jesus preached to His disciples a discourse about Himself as the True Vine; His Father is the Vinedresser, and the disciples are the branches. In verse 2, Jesus taught the disciples the consequences to the branch that does bear fruit and to the branch that does not bear fruit. To the branch that was fruitful, the Father will prunes so that it may produce more fruits. To the branch that was fruitless, the Vinedresser will take it away from the Vine. For this particular verse, John, the author of this letter, used the Greek word “airei” to describe the result to the unfruitful branch. In many English Bible translations, The word “airei,” was translated as the phrase “Takes away.” Apparently, the word “airei” have more than just one meaning. It could also mean “Lifts up.” This paper will elaborate on these two different meaning (“Takes away” and “Lifts up”) by using multiple significant evidence.

Jesus Christ as The True Vine and God The Father is The Vinedresser The parable in John 15 was a continuation of Jesus’ instruction as He and the eleven disciples depart from the upper room and was on their way to the Garden of Gethsemane. In the previous chapter, Jesus has told the disciples about many things: from Jesus washing the disciples ' feet (13:1-17), a new commandment was given (13:31-35), and the promise of a helper; the Holy Spirit (14:15-18,26). Jesus…

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