The Internship By Michael Belle

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Summary of story line
The Internship is a story based on two salesmen who have just been retrenched, as the company they worked for had just closed. As Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) deal with not having a job anymore and Billy having his house foreclosed on him, Billy finds himself looking a great opportunity in the eye. Billy’s natural leadership skills (which are displayed throughout the movie) come into action when he convinces Nick to resign the job given to him by his sister’s verbally abusive boyfriend. The two then decide to apply for an Internship offered by Google. The character’s technological inabilities are first displayed when conducting their interview in a public library where they battle to understand
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Mr Chetty also displayed management characteristics as he was in charge of the internship and gave out instructions to the candidates regarding the policies and procedures to be followed during the internship and regarding what they should do during their tasks. Mr Chetty also held a position at Google and held authority in the organisation.

Creativity and Problem Solving
The Oxford dictionary defines creativity as “showing imagination as well as routine skill” and is a necessary skill that needs to be evident in the businesses organisational culture and needs to be conquered by a business’s employees in order to be successful.
Problem solving can be defined as finding solutions to challenges that have not yet been conquered, problems can be anticipated which are also known as predictable problems or they can be unexpected. Either way a business’s employees must have adequate problem solving skills in order to deal with any problems that arise in the business.
There are many techniques that can be used to solve problems such as:
• Pros and Cons Chart
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Some Examples include:
Lyles group and the group including Max this resulted in both teams working harder in order for them to be successful over the other team. The continuous banter between Max, Billy and Nick depicts the conflict. The management of this conflict was handled by Billy who suggested that they just ignore the other team and get down to work.
Another example of conflict management was at the end of the movie when Mr Chetty and Max argue over the success of Lyles team over them. The conflict is managed by Headphones (Josh Gad) where he calmly suggests a solution to this conflict.
The Tools that may be utilised to handle conflict are: Smoothing, negotiation, forcing, Avoidance and compromise.
Conflict has to be handled correctly in order for it to be useful towards the business.

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