The Internet 's Impact On The Modern World Essay

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As the internet’s ever expansive growth continues, the activity of hacktivist groups advances. Although hacktivists have been targeting different governmental websites and networks, their actions are an act of protest and civil disobedience. In addition, the idea of a hacktivist has become misconstrued by the deceived public. The idea of a hacktivism needs to be made more transparent and the actions of these hacktivist groups need to be made more clear and differed from cybercrime or cyberterrorism. Hacktivism is a way to foster change and protection in the modern world, by allowing those who find themselves without a voice able to speak and messages to be sent across the globe.
Hacktivism emerged with the birth of the internet and using computer viruses and worms as means to spread their messages. One of the first instances of early hacktivism was “Worms Against Nuclear Killers” or “WANK”. “WANK” was a computer worm, which is a type of computer program meant to “sneak” into networks. It was used was used by anti-nuclear activists in 1989 to protest a shuttle launch that carried plutonium, a radioactive element.. The protesters, Australian hacktivists that created “WANK”, sent it into the networks of NASA and the US Department of Energy. The worm did not attack any computers, while it did display the political message, “You talk of times of peace for all, and then prepare for war.” The worm did not stop the launch, however the effect of protest was prevalent and displayed…

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