The Internet: The Dangers And Risks Of The Internet

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J. K. Rowling once said. “The Internet has been a boon and a curse for teenagers.” Her statement is accurate to this day, for the Internet has been both enlightening and misleading for students. The Internet is a vast network holding over 200 Terabytes of data about the world from all over the world, that can be accessed in a click of button from almost anywhere on the globe. Due this unparalleled advancement in available technology, almost all American homes now have access to an electronic device that can connect to the Internet. Schools as well have now adopted the Internet into their curriculums to help their students and faculty members work at a more efficient pace. This means that students now have the ability to work online using websites …show more content…
The first step outlined was to identify the benefits of the Internet. A few benefits listed involved online communities to share with, factual information, and easy accessibility to the Internet. These all improved student careers by allowing them access to factual information improving their quality of work, allowing them instant communication with fellow peers to review assignments with, and giving students the ability to use the Internet from most locations. The second step outlined was to identify the risks of the Internet. A few risks listed involved addiction, non-factual information, and instant-messaging sites. These all incur damages to student careers, which result in lower grades, failure of classes, and the lack of shown work or the ability to do work. The third step outlined was to help students learn proper use of the Internet. This involved combining the first and second step so that they have proper background information to work with the third step. This third step involved teaching students in the classroom through grades three to eight. During these grades we would first start by teaching the students on what the Internet is and then we would teach them how to and how not to use the Internet. Hopefully by eighth grade the students could go out on their own and teach others how to properly maintain and use the Internet when pertaining to academics. Any other uses of the Internet should be affected by their own life choices and not ours. Overall the Internet is a great place to learn but it can also be very harmful because of this it should be seen as a neutral area that can balanced if we put in a plan to prevent these academic errors from happening in the future. With this in

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