The Internet Of Things ( Iot ) Essay

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The Internet of Things (IoT) deals with uniquely identifiable objects or things and their virtual representations in a structure like internet, was proposed in 1998 for the first time. But what you haven’t heard of IoT is that it could be your worst enemy due to the lack of security measures. Although, IoT offers great advantage by associating our gadgets – almost estimated to be 50 billion worldwide by 2020, it can also let the hackers rule over your car, house, and your body. Nowadays, the IoT as a buzzword is widely known, subsequent industry applications related to the IoT will arise, for example, cyber-transportation systems (CTS), cyber-physical systems (CPS), and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications [2]. Now considering the security of IoT will face more severe challenges. The reasons for this are 1) Internet is extended through the traditional internet, sensor network, and mobile network and so on, 2) Internet will connect all the things, and 3) All these things will have communication among each other. Due to this new security and privacy problems will arise. So, it’s required to pay more attention to the research issues for authenticity, confidentiality and data integrity in the IoT. We are in need of new technologies and methodologies to be implemented in IoT to meet the higher standards in terms of security, reliability, and privacy.
The architecture of IoT can be categorized into four key levels. They are Perceptual Layer, Network Layer,…

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