Essay on The Internet Of Film Education

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The Internet in Film Education
In today’s society, the internet has become the backbone for how people live their lives. Gone are the days of phonebooks, floppy disks, and CD’s, as the world is molded into a digital wonderland. Thanks to the web, you can carry the knowledge of the world in your pockets. “The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow” (Gates).
Since 1995, the number of users of the internet has jumped from 16 million to 3.6 billion ("Internet Growth Statistics - the Global Village Online"). About half of the world’s population takes advantage of the benefits of the internet. Even in the workplace, connecting with others through the web has become an innate action to further business. Students in school use the internet to strengthen their core skills and even complete full virtual courses. Every day the internet is in some way used to affect the lives of people around the globe. More specifically, the internet can benefit film students by giving them the opportunity to learn and connect on social platforms.
Due to the internets unlimited supply of information, it is extremely simple to learn about general and specific aspects of filmmaking. There are multitudes of sources that educate cinematographers on filmmaking; with the most common site to learn from being YouTube. YouTube is home to thousands of content creators that produce content for cinematographers to learn from on a daily basis. Internet sources like YouTube are…

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