The Internet Is Reliable And Objective? Essay

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How do we tell if the information we find on the internet are reliable and objective? When we do a research paper, we need reliable sources to support our main idea. And also we need the website that has real information. When I do my research paper, I personally like to go Grossmont online library databases to find my sources because I feel more trustful and it seems to be a reliable source. However, Google is the most popular website that people use to find any information. A bunch of results show up after searching. And this is how we check a website if it comes from a reliable and appropriate source.
First, we can learn from looking at the URL link (web address), the domain name can help you prove if the information has been published by a credible source. For example, the link end with “” means it is published by a UK university. The link end with “.edu” means it is published by an American university. “.com” means it is a commercial sites. “.gov” means it is published by government sites. Second, before trusting any sources, we should think about these following questions: Who is the websites intended audience? Academics? The general public? Is the name of the publication obvious? Does it look like a professional publication? See if it has spelling errors? Is the text well written and grammatically correct? Are other points of view explored? Can you tell when the information was published?
On this assignment, I choose these two experts for searching on…

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