The Internet Is Good For Our Health Essay example

1028 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
Many people think that the internet is good for us, it gives us the information we need, and it makes our life easy. On the web site “think big” says that there is one million reasons why the internet is good for us, and a couple of their example are; the internet is good for our health that it help “ free of charge, about health, depression and sexuality”, the internet is good for our learning “Access to the internet can increase the number of graduates at all universities”, well for our economy “The internet creates jobs”, good for communication. They have excellent information backing up there claim, but what I think is that the internet is impacting us negatively.
I think this way because I’m guilt. I use the internet for everything, I need an answer for a homework I go on the internet, I have the resources I need around me such as a book, notes, past quizzes, worksheets, to find the answers from, but the internet has made us so lazy that we would father get on the internet and find it in a matter of seconds, instead of hours in a book. So the internet is not good for our learning as people claim. If you compare the IQ of an older person that had nothing to do we technology and a person from this era IQ is would have a big difference because back in the time where they didn’t have anything they had to work extra hard to understand the subject because they didn’t have the internet to turn to,…

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