The Internet Is Global Network Essay examples

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The Internet is global network that allows you to connect to the world. In 2006, Dr. Leonard Kleinrock had given speech on Internet at Infocom. It includes – the situation before Internet was invented, how internet was invented, brief overview on Arpanet (beginning and growth), what all barriers had been removed after using internet, early pioneers, implementers contributions, some good and some dark sides of Internet, his future vision about internet and five golden guidelines to research.
He has defined Internet by using example of Larry Garwood and his father. This interprets that Internet makes possible for people to do their work on net, the culture of openness and sharing ideas and the community which brings people together of same interests and of same thinking. In addition, he has mentioned few advantages of having internet. He added that Internet has reduced the barrier of distance and cost of communicating, increased the speed of interaction and the number of people you can interact with. Furthermore, he has recounted a brief history of the Internet – started with the invention of Internet (1969) and he has given a walkthrough on before the beginning of Internet (1957 – 1969). This gives brief idea about Internet history. In addition, he has mentioned ARPANET beginning, the first switch Interface Message Processor (IMP) and first message on the internet. His host computer became the first node of Internet when the birth of the Internet occurred. He has given…

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