The Internet Is A Non Physical Thing Essay

1021 Words Nov 6th, 2015 5 Pages
We ask ourselves what is the internet, where is it? We ask ourselves who really owns the internet? No one owns it, the internet is a non physical thing. The internet is a black box and it holds everyone 's information and it is what everyone is connected to and it is what we pay for. But as we ask ourselves we don’t ask the more important questions to ourselves. What is the risk or risks of using the internet, and what are the pro’s to using the internet.

The internet allows the user to research things such as (Medicine, Food, History, Diseases, Cures, Buildings, Cars, etc..) and communicate with other people. It allows one doctor to E-mail another half way across the world about a problem you have and they can get back to you on it and tell you what is wrong. I in all favor love the internet and I believe it is healthy and unhealthy just depends on your reason for using it. We can use the internet for marketing which all countries benefit from, on the plus side we can keep up with our shipping orders and we can store data on the internet. “One argument is that the Internet allows ideas to circulate to a wide audience and thus helps entrepreneurs with good ideas fnd capital and bring expertise to bear on marketable products and services (Cairncross, 1997).”

Some argue that the internet causes some illnesses doesn’t mean they are physical but some are emotional, physically, and or mentally. “Those who argue that Internet tools have an ill effect make the case that…

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