The Internet Is A Huge Part Of Communication Today

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Internet Paper The internet is a huge part of communication today. Social media is a large part of how we are connected. Many social networks are used by teens and young adults. I use Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Flickr, and occasionally Tumblr. I tend to check each of my social medias three or four times a day and don’t consider myself super obsessed with my phone. I can actually say that I would rather be disconnected. When you don’t have your phone with for at least an hour a day you feel like you are free from the connection to people, in solitude and can not be reached. My family has always gone on camping trips together since my brother and I were little and we all turn our phones off all week. It is such a cool experience you feel …show more content…
Online communication can be used to connect relatives, meet new people, and reconnect old friends. Although I don’t have a facebook it is a site that is commonly used to connect old high school friends. Social media has done both, isolating me and bringing me closer in relationships. It has brought me closer because high schoolers my age like to talk about what they post or ask, “Did you see that post I retweeted?” and unless you have seen it and can comment about it the conversation sort of dies. It also connects you because you can see who they are friends with or what types of music they like, if you post about that type of stuff. This helps you learn more about each other. Internet communication has isolated me too. This year I chose to do PSEO full-time. I used to go to Pequot Lakes High School and now I rarely see anyone. I feel like if I stay on social media, they will stay connected to me but I think that it is somewhat isolating me. I’m slowly making less of an effort to meet up with them and just catching up on what I’m missing through social media. Another big issue with social connections is cyberbullying. I haven’t experienced this but it has become such a huge

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