The Internet Is A Global Resource For All Things Essay examples

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Information Overload

The internet has become a global resource for all things. It is now commonplace as we use it everyday. We are wholly reliant on it for social networking, communication, directions, news source, marketing, entertainment and the list continues. The internet holds the answers to everything that we want to know. But what cost is this having on the way that we think and recall information on our own? Is the internet actually making us mindless? Even though the internet may be helpful, it is changing the way that we think because conceptualizing and gathering ideas is now a simplified process. A few keystrokes and pages of material is presented within a matter of seconds. Our attention span is declining as we “power browse” through a websites contents. (Nicholas Carr, is google making us stupid)

The internet is changing the way we think because people are spending long periods of time on it. A recent study shows that Americans use electronic media for over eleven hours per day ( . In a recent poll by Global Digital Snapshot there are 3.1 billion active internet users, there are 2.017 billion active social media accounts, there are 3.6 billion, 3.649 billion mobile phone users and 1.6 active social media accounts. According to these polls a greater percentage of the population is using the internet. A recent report on says that Americans report going online almost constantly.( Most of the internet…

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