The Internet Galaxy Case Study

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List of references
1. Castells‏, M. (a.n.d.). The Internet Galaxy: the reflections of the Internet, the Business, and the Society. OUP Oxford. ‏
1.1. The author who born in Spain in 1942 is credible because he is professor of city, sociology and planning of the region at the university of California teaching for twelve years. Manuel published twenty books talking about economy, society and culture that have been published by Blackwell and translated into more than ten languages. In addition, he taught in more than fifteen universities and gave lectures in hundreds of academic institutions. He is an expert of the internet.

1.2. The publication is reliable because it is published by Oxford university. It is the oldest university in
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The book also maintains a positive relation with other books like the network society which is talking about social aspects of new media and digitizing the news which is talking about the innovation in inline sources. These books are considered as references for this book.

2. Cindy, L. (2014). Love in The Age of the Internet: The Attachment in Digital Era. Karnac Books
2.1. The author is credible because she is a psychotherapist working in a clinic in north London. Linda Cundy taught for more than two decades on psychotherapy and counselling courses. She is also considered as a trainer in clinical practice and human development. She is the chair of the services that related to Hackney Bereavement which provides face to face bereavement counselling to the people who are fifty and more in London. Linda worked at Bowlby center as provider of services that related to mental health in 1990.

2.2. The publication is reliable because it has been established by Karnac book. com which is a common web site that sells the books online. It services the customers and give them the books on time. It started published books since 1970 and considered one of the few remaining perfect publishers in United Kingdom nowadays. Actually, it publishes more than 100 books and journals a
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The information provided in the article is accurate. It includes origin information and factual comments from the students who are using the internet.

4.4. The article also offers well-supported claims and helpful links that make the discussion balanced and reasonable.

4.5. The article is professionally written without language, grammar or spelling errors. It is well written with neutral, easy and clear words. It is also well designed which make it easy to read.

4.6. The article has a positive relationship with other online sources. For example, the article which talks about the internet in the school makes similar claims.
5. Pondered. (2006). The Advantages and the Disadvantages of the Internet nowadays: Retrieved from pondered:
5.1. The publisher is reliable because it has been published by the pondered which is an online source that provides articles daily with reasonable information. All of the privacy is served and there is a copyright with daily updating to the web site.

5.2. The article was published in 2006 issue and includes current information. All the links in the article are live and useful. The information represents the best way of using the

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