The Internet Between Satellite Internet And The Middle Of Nowhere?

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Have you ever wondered what type of Internet you would have if you ever lived out in the middle of nowhere? Would you be so lucky as to have a DSL or cable Internet connection? Satellite Internet or “Internet over Satellite (IoS)” might be your only choice. Hughes Net is one of the few IoS providers out there. If you do require IoS then you have to choose wisely. If you are looking for good customer service, service reliability, low cost, reasonable service plans, fast speeds, and no bandwidth throttling then Hughes Net is not for you. When looking for an ISP what is the first thing you look for? Cost would be one of the first factors I would consider when choosing an ISP. With Hughes Net it depends on your area what they are able to offer you. Lets take my area of residence for instance. There are two packages available to me. The first package has download speeds “up to” 5Mbps, has a total data allowance of only 10GB/mo, 5GB bonus bytes between 2AM and 8AM, and has a monthly fee of $49.99. The second package has speeds “up to” 5Mbps, has a total data allowance of 20GB/mo, with 10GB bonus bytes between 2AM and 8AM, with a monthly fee of $59.99. When it says up to 5Mbps there is fine print that states that they don’t guarantee any speeds at any time. Another thing in fine print is the fact that your bonus bytes are included in your total data allowance (HughesNet). Customer service and technical support is one thing that can make or break a company. Hughes Net doesn’t…

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