The Internet And Technology Has Impacted My Life Essays

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3 significant ways the internet and technology has impacted my life are:
• Easier access to stay in touch with family and friends. With all the social networking, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and smartphones you can always know how one another is doing. I’m also able to planned for events and parties to a larger network.
• Allows access for more information quicker. Now with internet, I tend to go to google or other sites for information regarding research, medical issues for me or my children, or assistance with anything needed. I don’t really use the library any more just because of the vast information online and how fast it is to get the information.
• I feel it has made me lazy in a sense. The reason I feel this way is on the strength how easy it is to get the information and not have to do a lot of work to do it. For example, with television now I can just lay in the bed and use the remote to change channels instead of getting up and changing the TV. I couldn’t imagine having to get up every time to change to different station. Also with the many smartphone applications, I just use my phone to do what I need to do such as using Maps and Banking applications. Due to maps I don’t take the strength to remember any directions or destinations, I rely solely on the app.
My life is different from the lives of my grandparents/parents because of the many more resources we have these days. I feel we (meaning my generation) are more wasteful. With all the access to…

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