The Internet And Its Impact On Journalism Essay

813 Words May 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Journalism has been around a long time and has evolved greatly over the years. America was first introduced to a new style of journalism when the first newspaper, Publick Occurrences was published in the late 1600’s. This newspaper was only the very beginning for the evolution of journalism. Now in the present day, the United States holds more than 1000 different news outlets. Journalism has made it easy for citizens to receive news by simply reading the newspaper or an article on the Internet. The Internet was another huge step toward the evolution of journalism. Most people in this day and age turn to the Internet for information by simply searching for what they are interested in reading or even watching. The Internet is so important for journalism because it allows journalist to get their voice out there without relying on people to open up a newspaper and reading an article. This goes to show that technology has had a huge impact on the evolution of journalism. From the printing press to the steamship and to the Internet, technology has proven to change journalism in a drastic way. Journalism would of never had the opportunity to become this advanced if it wasn’t for technology. Today, journalists use the Internet and social media to express the news. This is revolutionary because now journalists can receive feedback from their audience through on social media. In reality, the future of journalism relies in the hands of technology. Journalism follows technology in the…

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