Essay about The Internet And Its Holistic Definition

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Introduction We use it every day in our lives; whether at home, at work, or just for fun and leisure. According to Rumbough (2001) it has become an integral part of the manner in which we communicate to each other. The subject of reference is none other than the internet, an innovation that according to the BBC (2012) has revolutionized our entire lives s a species. Although most of us encounter its use from day to day, according to The Internet Society (2014), defining what exactly entails the internet is not as simple a matter as it appears. The Internet Society (2014) continues to assert that this is perhaps due to the fact that unlike any other technology, the internet is whatever we make of it; essentially, how we individually perceive and make of use of it. In this regard, we can shape and mold it to accentuate our needs and wants relative to its use. Nevertheless, there exists a universally acclaimed authority on its holistic definition. According to Center Span (2001), the internet can be defined as a global connection of computer networks, working collectively to exchange data using a common software standard. The BBC (2012) also affords another definition, stating that the internet is a combination of computer networks that enables individual computers to each send and receive small packets of digital data. Additionally, as the BBC (2012) continues to elucidate, the common language employed by the internet is referred to as Transmission Control Protocol or…

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