The Internet And Its Effects On College Students Essay

702 Words Aug 15th, 2014 3 Pages
Easy access to information, over lenient colleges and professors, coupled with deteriorating moral standards enable college students to effortlessly cheat on assignments. Most colleges advertise disciplinary rules regarding plagiarizing, and teach students how not to plagiarize, but all this really does is show students what not to do so they can get away with it. There are many applications schools use to automatically check assignments for plagiarism but students have access to these same tools as well, and in turn can paraphrases the material until it doesn’t return any plagiarism results. In theory the opportunity, capability and intent to cheat create the triangle of factors or causes that result in students cheating in college.
The internet is a wonderful tool for locating any amount of information needed on just about any imaginable topic. People share music, videos, research, information, and even college essays and homework questions with answers. In a comparison, if a person walked passed an ATM machine spitting out money, would you take the money or simple walked passed. The results of this decision are more crucial and frankly quite obvious. However, with school work Abdolmohammadi and Baker (2008) found that more than a fifth of graduate students and a third of undergraduate students plagiarized written material from the internet for their assignments. The internet is chum full of websites designed to help students cheat. For example, there are online…

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