The Internet And Its Effects On College Students Essay

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The internet is very familiar tool that is used in various ways by college students. The internet aids in the completion of assignments, allows individuals to connect with each other, and also provides entertainment (Deatherage, Servaty-Seib, & Aksoz, 2013). In this study, Deatherage et al. (2013) thought that one motive for using the internet could be for coping specifically after one has expreinced an adverse life event (ALE) The majority of college students will, if they have not already, experience an ALE which they can respond to in many different ways one being coping (Deatherage, Servaty-Seib, & Aksoz, 2013). However, there is little known on how the internet can be used as an approach to coping in college students (Deatherage, Servaty-Seib, & Aksoz, 2013). Therefore, the purpose of this study was to see if there were any associations between stress, different coping strategies, problematic usage of the internet, the amount of time an individual spends on the internet, and their different motivations for using it (Deatherage, Servaty-Seib, & Aksoz, 2013). The study consisted of two hundred sixty-seven seniors in college (Deatherage, Servaty-Seib, & Aksoz, 2013). Deatherage et al. (2013) wanted to have a sample of just seniors because college seniors were thought to be more comfortable and familiar with their college and would ensure that the ALEs in questions would have occurred. The seniors were randomly chosen to receive and email sent by the college’s registrar…

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