Essay about The Internet : A Source Of Information

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The internet has so many advantages and the most important one involves acting as a source of information, but in spite of the many advantages there are many things involved in the internet that are not good, legal, or even visible. The information provided by browsers such as Google chrome and Firefox only provide surface information hence they are called the surface web (Bocij, 2013). The other information is referred to as the deep web and it is not easily searched because the sites have security and private measures. Inside the deep web there is dark web in which information is encrypted form and the users and owners are usually anonymous.
The Dark Web
Dark web is a term that is used to refer to a collection of websites that are publicly visible but hide the IP addresses of the servers that run them (Bocij, 2013). A web user can be able to visit the dark web but cannot be able to find out the people who work behind those sites. This site cannot be found using the search engines. A majority of the sites in the dark web use the anonymity software known as Tor and others use 12P which is the same as Tor. Tor is a software tool that is known for its hiding properties and encryption. This software is used to hide the user’s identity and take off the user’s location. These two systems usually encrypt IP addresses in layers and bounce them through computers that are chosen randomly across the globe and each of them gets rid of one layer of encrypted data before passing on the…

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