Essay on The Internet : A Soapbox Free For All

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The Internet: A Soapbox Free For All. The internet is an incredible tool to have in this modern age, anything from reconnecting with old friends, communicating with others around the world, discovering new things and the ability to search anything at any time all at a click of a button. The internet also provides many ways to express peoples opinion, however, the power of free speech comes at a cost as it has been a controversial issue for decades. The issue of which if some opinions shouldn’t remain openly shared. Should online hate speech become censored completely, have restrictions, or is it protected by the right of free speech? The use of anonymity can ensure protection of free speech in some situations as said by Marcel Rosenbach and Hilmar Schumndt, while Keith Loria says having rules or restrictions to protect users and content is more important. Marc Thiessen on the other hand argues content and statements should become censored all together, especially if said content could cause a potential national threat. The debate of whether or not online hate speech should become censored, have limits, or left alone has been discussed since the creation of the internet and will continue as technology evolves.
The upcoming 2016 election is an example of the internet showing freedom of expression, some users giving intricate breakdowns on why they are voting for a certain candidate, others simply attacking the ones who don’t agree with them. It’s even to the point where…

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