The International State Of Nature Essay

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Through the preceding analysis of the international state of nature and the willingness of states to engage in conflict (first and second image), I have only provided a sound foundation in order to explore the vast wilderness that is the origins of conflict. Because of the factor of willingness, it must be analyzed as to what determines this willingness. That is why, though this theory provides as Mearsheimer puts it, “a powerful flashlight in a dark room” (11), where context matters, and no universal theory provides a satisfactory explanation as to the causes of a war. In this manner, the anarchic state of international politics always exists, but what compels the willingness of states to arrive at a conflict? This is the question that needs to be answered in order to reduce conflict, and only through a case-by-case analysis, can this be accomplished. The causal effect of willingness groups together Waltz’s first and second image, “within man, and within the structure of the separate states” (12), as the sufficient, but not necessary causes of war. Insight into the actions and intentions of both “man,” which in this case would concern mostly domestic leaders but could also include state populations, as well as the “state” provide the most explicative answers as to the essential cause of a war. To say that World War II, for example, was caused simply by a state attempting to change the balance of power and a volatile international climate is to insultingly oversimplify this…

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