The International Olympic Committee ( Ioc ) Voted Wrestling Out Of The Olympics

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In February of 2013 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted wrestling out of the Summer Olympics expected to start in 2020. In the Olympic Games in 708 B.C., wrestling made its debut, which makes it one of the founding sports of the Olympics. This information both saddened and infuriated many people involved within wrestling communities. In order to resolve the issue, many big name wrestlers of the past had come together to save the sport. Within a 7 month period the IOC changed their decision to completely get rid of Olympic wrestling. After the uproar, the IOC stated that the sport would only be guaranteed a spot in the 2020 and 2024 Olympics. Wrestling as a sport has not evolved much throughout the long history it carries but may have needed to change slightly just to catch the attention of the viewer. Different types of wrestling have a higher popularity in different countries, but the large community pulling together has truly shown how much wrestling is still a very actively practiced sport.
Wrestling in some groups is considered to be the oldest sport in history, with over a 2000 year background. Despite that much history, the sport hasn’t changed much. In the Ancient Olympics there were very little rules, such as no punching, gouging of the face or eyes, and biting, which still remains today as the basis of all wrestling types. Though in some types of wrestling today certain holds or moves are illegal. When wrestling debuted as a…

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