The International Human Resource Management Essay

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In order to appreciate the rhetoric in the international human resource management (IHRM) discipline, first we must construct an understanding of what the IHRM discipline encompasses. The importance of first learning about IHRM before completing an analysis of rhetoric because the content is could often be confused with the rhetoric. IHRM is an applied field that is a subdivision of human resources. Human resource management focuses on ensuring that employees receive the correct treatment. This includes, but not limited to: compensation and benefits, training and development, employment, recruiting and placement, human resources information systems, and employee welfare. IHRM includes the responsibilities of human resource management but also takes into consideration the cultural differences that exist in the working world. “Knowing about country-specific context and determining which contextual particularities are relevant for which research question requires an in-depth understanding, which internationally oriented scholars in particular should possess and consider as their comparative advantages.” (Pudelko, M., Reiche, B., & Carr, C. 2014) Treatment of employees differs in each culture and when companies reach a global level they need to consider each culture’s unique differences. This discipline is growing rapidly not only due to companies expanding to global proportions but also due to the amount of companies in general. When companies expand like this it results in a…

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