The International Criminal Court ( Icc ) Essay

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On July 17, 1998 South Africa signed and proceeded to ratify, the Rome Statute of the International Court (Plessis, 2007). South Africa was one of the earliest supporters for setting up the court that would be known to try extreme cases of human rights violations. The International Criminal Court (ICC) was in fact created to take care of any atrocities and punishing them within the international borders, ones that cannot be dealt with within their own territories. The ICC stands as a last resort to any criminal events still standing, within the realm of where its jurisdiction lies (Plessis, 2007). The International Criminal Court has been an overall longstanding and significant growth mechanism internationally, and has benefited many situations in which international justice was needed. The ICC ended up surpassing the limits of many already existing tribunals including the ICTY, which were the criminal tribunals that were for former Yugoslavia and ICTR, which were the criminal tribunals for Rwanda. The ICC came as a very large and impactful process that was to simplify and assist in the convictions of these hard criminals. Although the ICC was created through the goal of having an overall easier process and to provide justice, the ICC is also often criticized for its lack of organization and weak basic structure. This paper will focus directly on the reliance of Africa in relation to the International Criminal Court and how it is beneficial and how it can be…

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