Essay on The Internal Reasons for Nokia's Failure

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作 者: 陈婷婷 学 号: 204080103 系 部: 外语系 专 业: 英语(经贸英语方向) 题 目: 手机巨人的倒下—诺基亚失败的内部原因 The Collapse of the Mobile Giant—The Internal Causes of Nokia’s Failure

指导者: 李健 讲师 (姓 名) (专业技术职务)

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2012 年 5 月 南 京



摘 要 1

Abstract 2

Chapter 1 Introduction 3

CHapter 2 the Failure of the Innovation 4

2.1 The Effect of Enterprise Inertia 4 2.1.1 The Definition of Enterprise Inertia 4
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During the period of over one hundred year’s development process, Nokia has underwent several successful business transformation: from paper production, to rubber production, to electric cable production, and at last to present mobile phone production. In the 90th of last century, Nokia defeated the old overlord--Motorola successfully through constant introduction of new products in the digital era, strong brand power, and stationery marketing mode. Nevertheless, under the inevitable trend of mobile internet, it fades away in people’s vision, and fails again and again in launching star products which can meet the need of mobile internet service. Meanwhile, other competitors, such as Apple and HTC, clear and definite the strategic focus as design and innovation, and has successfully launched many star products and services. The factors such as voice quality, the durability of battery, and resistance to knock which were put into emphasis by Nokia in the past seem no longer appeal to customers. Just as Steven Elop, CEO of Nokia, said in the internal memos, “the success of Apple illustrates that so long as the design is perfect; customer is willing to pay more for mobiles which can provide outstanding end-user experiences, and the

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