The Intern By Nancy Meyers Essay examples

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Many Hollywood movies attempt to correctly reflect research and real life scenarios. But the many decide to ignore research and real life in order to go for the entertainment value and thrill. Thankfully, there are a few that do choose reality over dramatism. The Intern written and directed by Nancy Meyers is one of those rare films. Striving to show realness, the film shows the struggles and triumphs of relatable characters. Viewers watch real life scenarios take place such as retirement struggles, being cheated on and finding a balance between work and home. But also are able to believe that the film is accurate when it portrays controversial issues such as sexism and retirement options. The Intern addresses sexism in the workplace along with demonstrating how one can extend their career in retirement accurately according to research done on both issues. The movie The Intern features Robert De Niro as Ben Whittaker. Ben is a retired phone book executive who is bored in retirement. In order to fill the void Ben enters a senior citizen internship program at a growing online clothing company, About the Fit. There Ben meets Jules who created the company. Jules started the company in her kitchen and helps create it into a 250 person company in only eighteen months. Immediately, Ben is amazed by the creativity and leadership of Jules.Consequently, Ben becomes close with Jules and the younger employees. Pressured by investors Jules must find a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for…

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