The Interlocking Systems Of Gender, Race, Middle Upper Class, And Homosexual Student

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I am Andrew Manzo, a male, mixed race, middle-upper class, and homosexual student at Pace University. The interlocking systems of gender, race and class have disproportionately shaped every aspect of my life from the choices I have had to make, the choices I was unable to make, and even my personality. Our gender is a large part of who we are in America. I cannot recount any incident where my gender has played a role in a negative way for me. As a male I need to recognize the struggle that all female, transgender and gender non-conforming people deal with everyday. And more importantly, I need to recognize my own privilege as a male. I have an endless amount of choices being male. I don’t have to deal with being catcalled, being considered a “hoe”, or a “slut” after hooking up with one guy. When I walk past a large group of guys, my only fear is maybe I’ll get jumped, but for women the fear of being raped by a group of men is much more real. When I select the box that says “male” on an application I’m never concerned that it won’t stop me from getting the job. I’ve witnessed how many women are considered second-class citizens. Women are often looked at only as sexual beings, and I have never once felt like someone was attempting to over sexualize me, which I know is something that women have to deal with on a daily basis. In reference to “cat-calling”, there have been countless times where I’ve been walking with either a female friend or family member of mine…

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