Essay on The Interior Design Of A Home

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There are many items that make up a living room. Families have their gatherings, celebrations, and leisure time in a living room. This room is the foundation of the interior design of a home due to the many shapes, sizes, and colors. This area of the house, being so distinct, consequently, holds a great fascination when entering one. Not all living rooms are the first rooms in the house, therefore they can be located in the back of the house or downstairs. No matter where in the house they 're located, evidently a fascination sparks for guest, family, and friends who make the journey into the living room. In Merrillville, Indiana on 85th ave there is an apartment complex called The Three Lakes. Three buildings down on the right within the complex is an apartment with a very unique living room. Once entering the building, three flights of carpeted stairs are immediately in the complex hallway. Once the stairs have been conquered make a full left, passing two doors coming to a white door on the left with the number 711 embedded. When opening the door and entering the apartment the beige soft fibered carpet is the first feel of the room. Upon completely entering the apartment on the right wall, in front of the entrance, there is a beautiful mirror with a black glossy trimmed frame that hangs level with the eyes. When no one is in front of the mirror the reflection of the brown closet door is visible. On the left a light manila brown closet door with a unique rust colored knob…

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