The Interesting Life Of Olaudah Equiano Essay

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Being free is better than being enslaved, right? Freedom is the ultimate goal many, who are enslaved, want to obtain. At least that’s what some think who really are not enslaved and do not see the day-to-day struggle they face. There is nothing like having the independence to say and do as one pleases. Often time’s free blacks did not have that freedom and many narratives show just that. The Interesting Life of Olaudah Equiano is an optimistic narrative because Equiano sheds light on the treatment that blacks received from whites. He shows this treatment with white individuals mainly from his friend, Jack, on board the ship. Although he sheds light on the treatment he received, he also brings some darkness in a sense of the treatment of free blacks. He shows this darkness in multiple incidents with whites trying to enslave him after being freed. Everyone wants freedom, but is it worth the pain and difficulty that one will endure? Equiano shows that freed blacks continued to suffer because they had to maintain their freedom and did not have a voice.
Although Equiano runs into problems of being put back into slavery when he becomes a free black he states “Accordingly he signed the manumission that day; so that, before night, I who had been a slave in the morning, trembling at the will of another, was became [sic] my own master, and completely free. I thought this was the happiest day I had ever experienced” (16-17). Freedom is an important moment to him. Equiano did not want…

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