The Interest Of Queer Politics Essay

1297 Words Dec 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Introduction: I am a sexually queer, polyamorous, white, upper-middle class, able-bodied, American, female-to-male transgender student. Even as I type this long list of intersections that create my identity, I know that I’ve likely failed to include multiple aspects of who I am. I also know that I could include my subcultures, such as grunge or goth, or physical aspects, such as my piercings and tattoos or my decision to bleach my hair so regularly that my friends forget I’m not a natural blonde, because these are all important aspect to how I encounter the world or how I understand my own identity. All of these various identities come together in order to create a specific living experience for me, a living experience that is unique in the way that it encounters both privilege and oppression. In the following pages, I will recall moments from three different periods in my life in order to better understand how my identities have influenced me and my experiences. In the interest of queer politics, I will be focusing to the intersections of my identity such as my gender identity and sexual orientation in order to produce a better understanding of how I came to terms with my identity throughout my life. In order to analyze these experiences, I will make use of a variety of academic journals that discuss the issues I have experienced compounded with my own understanding of these memories based in lived experience and a background of study as an English and Women’s Studies…

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