The Intentional Killings Of Babies Essay

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The Analysis of Filicide
The intentional killings of babies have been recently plastered on the news and other media sources. New York City has recently had several instances where newly born babies were thrown out of apartment building windows, instantly dying from the impact of reaching ground level. Early August, new born Rizwan Ahmad was found on the ground in a pool of blood (Baker & Rojas, 2015). Tenisha Fearon, a resident of the Bronx threw her 6-month old daughter from her 6th floor window early October (Palmer & Santora, 2015). However, the most troubling side of the story is that these two babies are believed to have been murdered by their mothers. Filicide is the intentional killing of a child by a parent. Filicide is a part of family violence that has gone too far. Nothing can be done to amend the crime that the parent has committed because it is too late to save the child. Murder is wrong in the eyes of society, yet it can be justified on a case by case basis. However, filicide is a taboo in the eyes of society and most individuals cannot think of any justifiable reason to murder their own child. When filicide cases reach media source, society is usually unforgiving. While many may believe that filicide occurs on a rare basis, Brown University has researched and found out that “over the last three decades U.S. parents have committed filicide — the killing of one’s child — about 500 times every year” (Brown University, 2014). Fredrick Kunkle noted the different…

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