The Intensive Outpatient Program ( Iop ) Essay examples

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The group observed and analyzed was held at Kaiser Permanente, Psychiatry Department. The Intensive outpatient program (IOP) is held three times a week and each session is three hours. The purpose of the IOP program is for group members to explore and resolve their problems. Kaiser endorsed their mission is: “to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members” and the IOP’s purpose clearly addresses this mission statement. This is Kaiser’s most intensive outpatient treatment and the group therapy is sometimes used as an alternative to hospitalization; it is common for group members to exhibit acute symptoms of anxiety and depression throughout group sessions. Group interventions are designed to resolve present social and emotional problems, provide group members with opportunities to express their feelings and assisted in identifying their coping skills. The interdisciplinary team, includes a LCSW, psychiatrist and registered nurse, who provide psychotropic medication management and crisis intervention support. The average census of the group is 24 members and two group workers co-facilitate most activities. The group room was at its near maximum capacity and only three members were absent. The role of the writer was an observer. Largely, many strengths were found in this observation including mutual aid, clinician’s competence, and diversity. Group workers however, failed to obtain feedback from their participants to improve…

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