Essay on The Intensity Of The Chase

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The Intensity of the Chase
“Go play outside!” This motherly exclamation is heard by most young children searching for a fun activity to fill their time. While the outside world provides endless opportunity for sports, games, and exploring, the mischievous nature of children sometimes misleads wholesome intentions. The fear of punishment runs deep through most children causing them to run from their enforcers. Through the theme of childhood innocence, “Always Running” by Luis J. Rodriguez and “An American Childhood” by Annie Dillard showcase two outcomes to the story of kids getting in trouble for their rascally wrongdoings.
One of the similarities between the essays is how the authors begin with imagery that describes their emotions as a child playing with their friends. Dillard’s description of flinging herself “wholeheartedly at the back of [her opponent’s] knees” while learning to play football with the older guys shows the passion she had to keep up with the boys (Dillard 16). The feeling of “concentration and courage” as she defended her team’s end zone connects with the inner child of the reader (Dillard 17). Rodriguez also takes advantage of this kind of connection when he describes jumping the fence even though he “cut a shorter shadow” than Tino (Rodriguez 34). The feeling of not wanting to be left out relates readers to Rodriguez in that moment. The foundation for the emotional connection the reader’s inner child has to the character provides support for the…

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