The Intelligence Agency And Foreign Policy Essay

1940 Words May 2nd, 2016 8 Pages
The United States has always gone to great lengths in order to be the most dominant power in the world, whether economically, militarily, socially etc. In order to be so advanced, the United States has evolved and grown to be able to gather lots of information and intelligence from around the world that concerns its own prosperity. Currently, the most dominant channel of gathering foreign information is the CIA. The Central Intelligence Agency was created to gather information on foreign policy information in order to keep Americans safe. However, CIA agents also have a huge impact on foreign perception of Americans Citizens. Given their failure to use foreign intelligence to keep our country safe, as well as rather immoral executed attacks on foreign countries or persons, the CIA has gradually built up a bad reputation of being ineffective and untrustworthy, both domestically and worldwide. The CIA’s failure effectively communicate, plan, and execute in both domestic defense and foreign attacks has led to public disgrace and countless deaths. For instance, their in the beginning of World War 2 to communicate gather and intelligence led to many problems for the American people. In one of the most infamous and deadly attacks on the the 19th century, Japan 's successful attack on Pearl can largely be accredited to the outright failures of the CIA. The CIA was tremendously successful in breaking a coded communication system, named Magic, of the Japanese military. This was…

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