The Integration Of Personal Health And Financial Well Being Essay

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The integration of personal health and financial well-being is, perhaps, the perfect platform to speak to what’s on the hearts and minds of Americans and those who represent them on Capitol Hill.
And, as the American Benefits Council approaches its 50th anniversary in 2017, it has appropriately considered how it can leverage this milestone to advance its policy objectives, membership goals and overall awareness of the value of the industry you represent. There may be no better time to open a discussion on the challenges and opportunities that will take place over the next 50 years, as well as recognize your successes of the past 50 years.
There also is no more important time to ensure that the Council’s voice is heard by policymakers and regulators, as tax policy and ACA repeal/replacement are at the top of the agenda for the incoming administration.
The proposal that follows outlines our approach to helping the Council:
• Demonstrate value in membership and its stewardship of the profession,
• Position the organization as respected counselors for policymakers,
• Advocate for employees and employers, and
• Educate the public and others inside the Beltway.
Our recommendations are based on the background provided by the Council, as well as our experience in advancing the objectives of trade associations and professional societies here in Washington, D.C. We’re looking forward to discussing this with you at greater length.

Our recommendation begins with…

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