The Integration Of Hr Functions Into Strategic Management Essay

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Strategic HR Management “The integration of HR functions into strategic management can proceed through two phases: strategy formulation and implementation. Concerning strategy formulation, HR functions should provide insight into the types of employee knowledge, skills, and abilities that can be mobilized to create competitive advantage” (H, K., & Sung-Choon, K. 2013). Thus, it is imperative that an organization assimilates HR (human resource) functions into the overall mission plan of the organization. HR plays a pivotal role in enriching the skills and abilities of an organization’s workforce. This is accomplished through training and education. As a result, workers are fortified with the essential skills and attributes needed to face the many obstacles connected to production and business expectations. “Without employees’ talent and expertise, the business risks losing production capabilities – the inability to achieve maximum production levels directly affects revenue, profitability and company standing in relationship to its competitors” (Mayhew, R. n.d.). For this reason, one could deduce that the lack of HR support has significant ramifications on a business’s bottom line. Ergo, HR have justifiable reasons for obtaining funding to bolster HR activities within an organization. Accordingly, these HR activities will reinforce the talents and knowledge of staff personnel. Therefore, this type of action will increase the allure of an organization, which in turn…

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