The Integration Of Faith And Learning Essay

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Faith and Sociology The integration of faith and learning is one of the most emphasized aspects of the Northwestern College curriculum. I strongly believe that to learn and further our education is a way for us to worship and grow closer to God. God has given each student at Northwestern a calling and an ability to gain more knowledge in order to fit into his redeeming work in the world. Some subjects are difficult to relate back to Christianity. However, religion can easily be integrated into sociology. Reading about a broad, sociological idea and applying the concept to my own faith allows my relationship with God to grow and become more intimate. Before coming to college, my faith was not my own. By that I mean that I don’t believe that I had a particularly personal relationship with God. I went to church because my parents told me to. I participated in church activities out of obedience, rather than a desire to grow closer to God. By following my parent’s strict rules about church attendance, I never fully learned to rely on God as my Lord and Savior. My blind obedience resulted in a lack of intimacy in my relationship with God. This childlike obedience is something inside each and every one of us and it is something that we may never grow out of. Humans are obedient. According to Meyer’s article, “Without obedience to a relevant ruling authority there could not be a civil society” (p. 10). Whether we actually realize it or not, we will blindly follow authority, even…

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