The Integration Of Christianity And Modern Psychology Essay

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On page 339 Johnson states that “integration is then, in principle, a calling from God”. In your own words explain what he means by this phrase.
In its purest form the integration of Christianity and modern psychology is a “calling from God” (Johnson, 2011). It is accepted and believed within the integration perspective that all truth and knowledge comes from God; whether this knowledge is obtained through the Bible or discoveries made in natural science, mathematics, philosophy, and etc. A calling from God within Christianity usually means something that God requires us to do or generally a work (duty, responsibility) that he wants us to complete and fulfill. So simply put, integration is God calling us to use science (and all that it encompasses) to glorify him and to seek knowledge and understanding. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction” (Proverbs 1:7, English Standard Version). Therefore, God calls his people to gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding from every area and discipline, as all this truth and knowledge comes from him. Further, through this integration he and his works will be glorified and magnified.

2. Johnson states “late modern psychology is one child of the union of secularization and the application of natural science methods to the human sciences.” (1)Why is this problematic for psychology from a Christian perspective and (2) what does this mean that Christianity is not being used in our effort…

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