The Integration Of Bollywood Film, Nigeria And The Violence Forced On Immigrant Youth Migrants From America

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For this essay, I form another scape drawing directly from Appadurai’s declared scape suffixes existing within the contextual world in relation to the flows of human interaction to their social condition. Identityscape, which would place into a subset overlapping in both “ethnoscape” and “mediascape”, perceives, “shifting the world in which we live” through a pusedo-environment interlinking similar cultural psyches across geographic borders (Appadurai, 297). I am convinced this metaphysical construct of mutual transnational identity sprouts from the effects of geographic, societal authorities such as post-colonialism and national exile. Comparing and contrasting this to the cases involving the integration of Bollywood film in Nigeria and the violence forced on immigrant youth deported from America, I find that nationalist identity is transmitted and transposed linear to either flows or frictions. Hausa culture, once removed from British occupation, mobilizes to reinvent an identity forced on them and medially connect through Hindi productions. Removed from their once stable awareness as Americans, deportees deterritorialize and create isolated immobile identities, disconnecting from their new environment. Turning, “locality into staging ground for identity”, these ideologies have become, “spread over vast and irregular spaces, as groups move, yet stay linked to one another through sophisticated media capabilities.” (Appaduari, 306). Consequently, this globalization of…

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