Essay about The Integration Of A Personal Position On The Matter

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Many Christians have questioned how important Integration is in our society. Has it become detrimental to our cultures and churches or is it beneficial? It is important to consider the beginning and advancement of Integration to form a personal position on the matter. Integration is simply the process of integrating or combining into one whole. In the context of psychology, the word refers to the combining of Christianity and psychological studies. It is a stance one takes in trusting in the authority of the Scriptures while observing the way life operates. Stanton L. Jones gives the following definition: …living out-in this particular area- of the lordship of Christ over all of existence by our giving his special revelation-God’s true Word-its appropriate place of authority in determining our fundamental beliefs about and practices toward all of reality and toward our academic subject matter in particular. (102)
He also states that many people criticize the way that they are endeavored to be combined because integration does not portray the complexity of the association of faith with “secular thought.” “What matters ultimately is not the word, but what the word summarizes- the complex understandings and commitments to living out our faith with integrity” (Jones, 102).
Mankind, including Christians, has always been interested in the science and nature of ourselves. Many Christian scientists, authors, philosophers and even preachers throughout the centuries, such as…

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