The Integration And Interaction Among People, Companies, And Countries

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Globalization is the integration and interaction among people, companies, and governments in different nations. Canada is one of the most globally integrated countries in the world, with a highly advanced system of communication and information technology, a government that is active in international organizations, an economy that is dependent on trade, a population that travels abroad frequently, and a society composed of individuals from a multitude of cultural backgrounds. The increase of globalization since 1982 has strengthened Canada in terms of economic stability, global progression, and social happiness.

Globalization had economically benefited Canada in numerous ways. Economic integration is the cause of world peace, as nations are much less likely to go to war when they are economically dependent on each other. As for Canada, since the Second World War, the country has become more dependent on international trade and investment. Globalization has made it easier to manufacture goods and supplies in other Countries and then be exported to Canada for retail purposes. Most of the products that are designed and marketed in Canada, will be assembled in China, using parts sourced from elsewhere in emerging Asia and supported by technicians in India. By breaking down production processes along a global supply chain, firms are better able to find the efficiency gains that have led to increased productivity and lower prices. Firms now have greater ability to separate the…

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