Essay about The Instructional Practices Within The Classroom

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1. Multimodality is the idea that text is not just print. For example, these text include; visuals and audio. Multimodality shows that paper and pencil are not the only things to express words. (New London Group, 1996). Print represents only one mode of communication, and it is not always the most important focus”. Color, line, shape, or texture can also be thought of as modes because each design element allows students to use their own interpretation (Curwood & Hassett, 2009). When I think of multimodality I think of jumping from one form of text to another. That could be in a literal way, jumping from bold text to red text. Another example is jumping from reading text and watching it, along with listening to it.
“In the classroom, how the teacher models, how the teacher explains, how the teacher scaffolds can all serve as additional types of additional modes that children use to support their conceptual thinking. These instructional practices within the learning environment form a part of the experiential space,” (Curwood & Hassett, 2009). Multimodality will influence my future teaching of literacy because it’s makes things more interesting and engaging. Gives students a space to be creative and think boldly. I think back to years of elementary school and I guarantee my teachers didn’t know what multimodality was. Students need the opportunity to express themselves in a way that makes sense to them. I truly believe each student is an individual and learns in their own…

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