Essay on The Institution Of Marriage Benefits Society

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The institution of marriage benefits society in a number of ways. From a marriage, children are created and nurtured. Marriage and the family support society, but they also reflect how society functions. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels demonstrate this idea through their theories. Some people know of their theory concerning the capitalist structure of the economy. However, they may be unaware of how this theory can relate to family functioning. According to Andersen (2015), “Marxist thought is one of the most influential and insightful analyses in modern intellectual history” (p. 384). During the height of the Industrial Revolution, Marx and Engels challenged the structure of capitalism. They argued that the people who owned the means of production controlled those who do not manage the means of production (Andersen, 2015). Andersen (2015) defines the means of production as the human ability to provide for one’s own needs. Within the economic structure of Marx’s time, the capitalists owned the means of production such as factories and financial resources. The proletariat class works for the capitalists. This system is setup to give capitalists the profit and keep the proletariat dependent on the capitalists to meet their needs (Andersen, 2015). Oftentimes, the capitalist factory owners treated their proletariat workers poorly. Although their discussion of the marriage institution is secondary, Marx and Engels apply these theoretical, public processes to the home.…

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